One Health: A Sustainable Solution for a Healthier Planet

22 Sep, 2023

Authors: Dr Stefanie Preuss, Senior Advisor and Team Leader, One Health and Agroecology Project; Roshan Puranik, Forestry and Biodiversity Advisor, One Health and Agroecology Project and S Tanbir Azmi, Communications and Knowledge Management Specialist

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Mitigating Human-Wildlife Conflict in India: Achievements and Future Pathways

30 Jun, 2023

Authors: Mira Amtmann, Advisor (IGBP), Roshan Puranik, Project Advisor, S. Tanbir Azmi, Communication Specialist (IGBP) and Vimarsh Sharma, Project Advisor

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Integrating Forest Ecosystem Services Approach in Working Plans for Himachal Pradesh

16 Mar, 2023

Ms. Harshita Joshi, Mangal Singh Bisht, STS Lepcha and Dr. Harnam Singh, IGIS Team

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Paving the Way — Global Biodiversity Framework, Four Goals, 23 Targets for 2030

17 Jan, 2023

A glimpse of the UN Biodiversity Conference CoP 15’s Landmark Agreement

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Agroforestry for Sustainable Livelihood

20 Oct, 2022

Atul Dogra and Julia Eggert

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Digital Tools and Biodiversity

01 Aug, 2022

Developing digital tools for biodiversity conservation and management

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Managing Forest Ecosystem Services to Combat Climate Change

22 May, 2022

By Akhilesh Singh, Technical Expert and Aashima Negi, Communication Expert

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Indo-German partnerships building a shared future for all life!

22 May, 2022

International Biodiversity Day with MoEF&CC at Chennai

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Forests and Gender

22 Mar, 2022

Gender Responsive Incentive-Based Mechanisms for Sustainable Forest Management

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Nature: finally, a part of the Climate dialogue!

22 Jan, 2022

A look at global events on biodiversity in 2021

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