Wetlands - Diversity of Life, Diversity of Services

22 May, 2020

What is so special about the ‘land which is wet’,
The places where ‘terra’ and ‘aqua’ have ceremoniously met.
From cradling civilizations thousands of years ago,
To nourishing billions; the wetlands bestow.

With especially ‘tailored’ plants and soil ‘unique’,
Keeping the water and nutrients in motion, just so to speak.
Not ‘mosquito-infested wastelands’ but biodiversity’s abode,
Guarding the coastline and stowing away carbon load.

Rivers and lakes, to lagoons and peatlands,
Reefs, marshes, and mangroves, and even salt pans.
From Tundra to Tropics they range so wide,
Just like the multitude of services they provide.

All-natural or made by man,
They are important in your climate change plan.
Recharging the water underground,
Coming to your rescue, when it’s not abound.

They regulate our water supply, and give fish and rice,
And also serve as nature’s very own efficient water purifying device.
Protecting from droughts and floods, and the storms so strong,
Trapping the sediments which flow along.
A home for the migratory birds coming from afar,
Watching through the lenses, flamingos, pelicans, plover, sandpiper.

Protecting and conserving wetlands, as they do not have a price,
Not draining and destroying them, just use that is wise!

By Dr Avantika Bhaskar

The views expressed in this post are purely those of the author.


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