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DPP Spices Project Partners with the International Spice Conference, 2023

23 Jan, 2023

International Spice Conference 2023 (ISC 2023) was held on January 19-22nd, 2023, in ITC Grand Chola, Chennai. The conference was attended by..

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One-day Media Workshop on ‘Forests for Future and the Future of Forests: Create an Impact with your Reporting’, held at Shimla

20 Jan, 2023

Media plays an important role in promoting people’s appreciation for Nature and Biodiversity..

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GIZ -Dale Carnegie Leadership Training Module for Indian Forest Service Probationers at IGNFA Dehradun

06 Jan, 2023

The Indo-German Development Cooperation Project on “Human-Wildlife Conflict Mitigation” in India aims at providing technical support at the..

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